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Вот, человек решил попробовать вернуться к использованию Windows на одну неделю, после нескольких лет, которые он потратил на изучение Linux, и теперь делиться своими впечатлениями.

Как я понял, MS Windows его не впечатлил:

However, compared to what I am using most of the time (Linux, Solaris, NetBSD, FreeBSD, OS X and Minix), Windows proved to have three major flaws.

First of all, what’s in the box is hardly what it’s advertised to be. You don’t get a modern operating system, packed with useful features and exciting prospects. You get a rather primitive system, both in terms of architecture and in terms of basic tools. And it’s certainly not modern — the architecture hasn’t changed significantly since the first versions of Windows NT, while other systems have evolved dramatically (compare what Ubuntu is now to what Debian was 10 years ago, even at the kernel level). The much-advertised multimedia experience is pale compared to OS X and, in some ways, even to BeOS. And, for the last ten years, Microsoft has constantly advertised the improvements in Windows security and how much more secure Windows is when compared to Linux, OS X or Unices. However, I’m yet to suffer from spyware and viruses on these systems.

Secondly, Windows proved to be too much of a hassle to maintain. Windows Updates, defragmenting, virus checking, spyware checking, system checking for registry problems and other similar problems are simply too much. On the other operating systems I use, the only thing I supervise are system updates, and that’s because I want to know what it installs and maybe bypass some updates. Quite about everything else is scheduled, and requires no attention from me since the process is completely non-interactive. As a consequence, I don’t even think I can name more than 5 arguments of fsck — since the tools itself is free, all my computers use roughly the same cron file, which I just copy-pasted around, so I only looked at them a couple of time.

Товарисч-то наверное, geek или nerd, или того похуже — слакварист?

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