Desktop Linux Flash Player9 for Linxu testdrive

DesktopLinux протестировал  новую бету FlashPlayer9 для linux.

Несколько цитат:

System requirements

Flash Player 9, according to Adobe’s release notes, requires an 800 MHz or faster processor, 512MB of RAM, 128MB of graphics memory, and ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) compatible audio hardware. It will not work with OSS (Open Sound System) audio. In addition, if you try to run it with OSS, you will not get an error message, you simply won’t get any audio.


While the new Flash does have some problems, I found them minor. For example, you can’t show Flash movies in full-screen mode. Also, at this point, only the Plugin supports Flash over SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connections. Compared to the earlier Flash 7, however, even this beta is a major improvement.

I also did not run into the reported problems of video artifacts when I first started the program. My fonts also worked flawlessly. Maybe I was just lucky with my particular combinations of Linux, browser, and KDE 3.5, but my results with Flash Player 9 were great.

Frankly, I’ve seen many «final» programs that showed less well than this beta.

Честно скажу, меня заинтересовал это плейер. Мне уже хочется скачать его и протестировать.

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